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mj_nathalie_mry_high-resFor the month of October, breast cancer awareness will take center stage and all over the UK fundraising activities, from cake sales, fashion shows and ‘bin your bra’ recycling campaigns, will help to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

So this month I’m doing my bit and focusing on why it’s so important that you wear the right sized bra.

More than 80 % of women wear the wrong bra size! But why is that a problem and how can you tell if you’re wearing the wrong size?

Did you know…. both headache and neck pain can be associated with wearing the wrong size bra AND, according to The British School of Osteopathy, badly fitted bras can put unnecessary stress on bones and muscles, which can cause breathing problems.

In many cases, women wear bras with a too large band size and too small cup size (before I visited my local lingerie specialist I had a top drawer full of 36A bras, when in actual fact I’m a 32D). In such cases the breasts are supported by the shoulder straps, which will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the shoulders (which again can cause neck pain and headache). With a perfect fitted bra, the breasts are supported from underneath and not from the shoulder straps. This way there will be almost no pressure on the shoulders.

In addition to the health problems a badly fitted bra can potentially cause, it can also ruin your look; the wrong bra can make your bust look bulky and strange, and the wrong fit will also affect your posture. In contrast, a well-fitted, supportive bra can make you look slimmer (your waist will look smaller) and make your clothes look better on you.

Being fitted properly every time you buy a bra is very important, not only can our bodies change shape, sometimes without us really being aware, but all brands fit differently and even different ranges within a brand can have their own idiosyncrasies which can be confusing; it’s the same as knowing you’re a size 12 in one dress shop, but a size 14 in another.

From the catwalk to your lingerie drawer…. with luxe lace, leopard print, tiered skirts, and a fresh take on the nautical look, there’s plenty of outerwear fashion trends to look forward to this Autumn, and these exciting themes also translate into your favourite lingerie labels:

Simply magical: AW16’s prettiest party trend is a galaxy of stars and moons, smattered with glittering constellations. The sensual, stylish ‘Natalie’ from Marie Jo (top left), with its hip lace, refined tulle details and subtle Swarovski stones as finishing touches, is a magical style you won’t be able to resist.

Enchanted: Inspired by fairy tales and winter forests, expect autumnal motifs and organic patterns. Colours include sweet chestnut, orchid, frost and chocolate. (source: Interfiliere AW16). This season the popular ‘Madison’ from Prima Donna (left), with its unique combination of checks and lace, comes in Toffee, a warm and sensual nude, perfect for Autumn.

Velvet crush: This season velvet’s rich, luxe look takes centre stage in outerwear. Wear it crushed, coloured or top-to-toe, anything goes! Lingerie puts this trend at the heart of the female seductive armour. From functional foundations creating a perfect silhouette, to the extravagant and festive, fabrics and prints are made to be noticed. The red floral print of Marie Jo’s ‘Axelle’ (above right) looks velvet soft, winter-warm and exceptionally seductive.

Nautical but nice: taking inspiration from the new nautical look this season, Marie Jo L’Aventure’s ‘Oscar’ (right) is smart and playful with its graphical black and white stripes, modern lace pattern and sexy polka dot tulle.

The one great part of lingerie is that anything goes as long as it looks right underneath your clothes. There are so many different styles of tops and dresses in fashion that it’s important to have the right bra – both in fit and colour.

If you’re unsure take your outfit to your local lingerie boutique for some advice. Their expert fitters want to make sure you look your best and feel confident enough to enjoy that special occasion, rather than worrying about your underwear. Strapless, plunge, balcony, smooth, lacy or backless – there is always a solution to give you that ‘wow’ factor.

Breaking news!
Fashion lovers know the foundation to any outfit is quite literally the garments that lie beneath; you need bras, panties and other lingerie which can smoothly fit and shape beneath your clothing to help give the proper silhouette, and a decent set lays the foundation for looking and feeling great.

So we’re delighted to announce that Ragtrade owner, Johanna, is now the (very) proud owner of See-Saw Lingerie in Hale, Cheshire. Johanna has worked for the business for the last few years and she is honoured to take over the reins from Penny English and her mum Elaine, who have run the successful business for the past 25-years! So if you’re thinking of booking a personal shop or wardrobe detox, this is a grand opportunity to get a professional bra fitting first…

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