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What we deliver…

We deliver fashion buying services to independent boutiques. Whether you need assistance during peak buying season or require us to work consistently on your behalf at trade shows and individual buying appointments, we will get to know your business and help you with those important buying decisions.


I work with Pixie boutique owner, Gillian Franks, to help support the continuing growth of Pixie’s womenswear range; it’s our mission to try to find interesting brands to complement their overall product range and suit the Pixie vision.

In this role I check sales reports to see what’s reacting and look at trend forecasts and show reports for inspiration. I accompany Gillian on buying trips and use my in-depth knowledge of fashion to find the best sellers!

A normal buying appointment typically involves looking at the forthcoming season and developing the range in accordance with our customer’s needs; I get a great sense of achievement from seeing people wearing the outfits we’ve selected.

“It’s really important to immerse yourself in what you’re buying and Johanna has an undeniable passion for the fashion industry; she knows what other people are doing and  tays on top of the trends. Her knowledge and insight is invaluable when developing the womenswear collections at Pixie.”

Gillian Franks, Owner, Pixie Boutique