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Making waves

By johanna

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Believe it or not, shops will start buying their swimwear for Summer 2019 in the next couple of months, which means the 2018 swimwear season for us shoppers is almost over… (top tip: the best month to go swimwear shopping is January, you may not be able to wear it right then, but it will inspire you to start thinking about your beach getaway and ensures you won’t miss out on your favourite brands or styles).

So if you haven’t yet brought that much coveted piece you spotted in the window last month, because it was, frankly, far too cold to even think about getting undressed to try it on, now is the time to reconsider as it’s unlikely that swimwear will be replenished again season.

In 2016, it was the colour-block swimsuit and last year it was crazy cut-outs and lots of embellishments. This season it’s all about glorious colour and you can expect to see a palette of pinks and corals, sitting alongside an ocean of blues with inspiration being drawn from the vast powerful summer seas.


Over the last few summers, we’ve been distracted by the delights of an all-over tan by wearing “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie…” bikinis, but this season high-waisted retro-style bikinis are having a moment.


It started in earnest last year but one-piece swimsuits are back with a vengeance, and they’re chicer than ever. Clever zip, mesh, tie-front and sparkle detail make them a serious contender for optional daywear dressing – just slip on a pair of beach trousers or summer skirt and you’re done.


The tankini was originally created with athletic women in mind who could practice sport in the two-piece, but it fast became a summer perennial coveted by Kate Moss [and supermodels alike] and with its elegantly modest coverage, it’s time to revisit this practical yet stylish trend.

Make waves and soak up the sun in style this holiday season with our guide to the best two-piece bikini sets, tankinis, and bathing suits.

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