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Personal Styling Case Study

Thank you simply does not cut it. I am so grateful to you Johanna for helping to style my wedding party, you are a dream to work with and you have helped to give us all confidence, its great to have someone to ask ‘does this work?’ ‘what will go with this?’
Sarah Bradley
I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I know I keep saying it but I do mean it, you are brilliant at finding just the right thing.
Kath Dudley, Manchester
Johanna offers a styling experience like no other. Her service begins even before you have your initial consulation meeting. Johanna’s attention to detail and research prior to the first meeting, with myself and my mom, absolutely blew me away. She instantly made us both feel at ease and we completely trusted her to find us a truly amazing outfit for my cousin’s wedding – we weren’t disappointed. Johanna has great contacts with all of the major retailers in Manchester and had put a number of items on hold for us to try on in a variety of stores before our session began. She had paid close attention to our likes and dislikes but challenged us to consider things that were outside of our comfort zone. The result for me was an outfit that I absolutely adored but never would have thought to pick for myself in a colour I would never have dreamed of wearing. There are so many personal stylists around at the moment, both in Manchester and the rest of the UK but I think Johanna goes further than that. It’s not just the personal experience for the client, she takes her assignments and their success very personally and absolutely puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her knowledge of fashion continues to astound me as she continues to send me hints, tips and trends for the season and to be honest, I can’t imagine ever going on a shopping trip for a specific event with her now!
Jo Dudley
What a fabulous email you have sent me. I am LOVING all the ideas you have given me and I now have the perfect outfit in my head which is sitting in my wardrobe begging to be worn, I can’t wait to show it off! What a love you are; thank you again Johanna.
Hannah Nuttall, Manchester
We had such a lovely day and I felt wonderful in my dress, it was just perfect and I had lots of comments about it – thanks so much for all your help!
Liz Smith
I stumbled on Johanna by accident! She very kindly came at short notice to speak at our WI. She was brilliant telling us about body shapes, decluttering your wardrobe, personal shopping etc. but what really stood out was her opening statement that it’s not just about what we look like on the outside, it’s about finding out what the person feels like on the inside, and then using your external style to reflect this. I found her inspiring, helpful and she certainly talked sense. So, because it’s my son’s wedding in August I asked for some advice on an outfit. We exchanged emails and she sent pictures of colours, styles, outfits and accessories. Unfortunately due to my husband and I moving [out of the area] we never got to meet up but I now have an outfit that I am very happy with. Thank you Johanna.
Rosemary, Knutsford
Johanna has advised me on two occasions. The first was for an outfit for a Spring wedding in the UK. The second was for a month-long trip to Australia/Philippines where I would be travelling to various locations in temperatures from 20-40 degrees, and undertaking semi-formal work activities plus some activity and beach holiday time. On both consultations she understood very quickly what I liked/disliked, where my comfort zone lay (as well as when to push me out of this – in a nice way), and the purpose of the clothes that I was looking for.  She is friendly and fun and instantly put me at ease with a great combination of being direct but gentle. The thought of having a critical eye cast upon me was a bit daunting at first but when it’s the eye of a friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely interested person like Johanna, there was nothing to worry about. She provided clothes that suited my shape, personality and purpose.  Even after the consultations and shopping, I was able to have discussions with Johanna and she continued to send me ideas about items that she thought would suit be. So how did I benefit?  This was the first time that I had done anything like this but it was a great experience. I understand my body shape better (having spent much of my post-30s life thinking I was a pear shape, I discovered I am actually an hour glass. How did I miss that?!) I am also more comfortable wearing more colour than I was before, and I now realise why certain things work on me while others don’t (no matter how much I want them to!). Johanna is obviously very knowledgeable but what sets her apart is that she starts by understanding your needs, then she uses her skills and insight to suggest items that suit not just the occasion but also your  personality, body shape and aspirations. If you want advice about fashion, whether it’s an outfit for a particular occasion, a wardrobe clear-out, a ‘whole new you’ or just some general advice, then talk to Johanna. 
Helen Mullen, Glasgow