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Sixties Revival

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The swinging sixties are a key fashion trend this Autumn Winter and we couldn’t be happier. The 1960s is when style discovered its mojo; after pioneering designer Mary Quant raised hemlines from below-the-knee to a daring upper-thigh, fashions were changed forever.

In many ways this decade simplified style; in a move away from excessive material and extra embellishment, clean shapes and bright colours took central stage, and because of this there is a lot to love about 60s fashion.

It’s a look that can be achieved with subtle detail; from a bold print or big buttons, to a silhouette or a hemline, and with everything from Twiggy’s boyish, androgynous look to Brigitte Bardot’s ultimate sex symbol style, this decade provides something for everyone.

So this month we’re celebrating the return of retro chic! Follow our top tips to help you channel your inner sexy 60s siren.

As with all trends, DON’T wear it head to toe (unless you want to look like an extra in an Austin Powers movie) instead mix retro pieces with contemporary elements to give it a modern day twist.

To get the look, incorporate any of the following style elements into your outfit:


  • Zippers or big buttons
  • Knee-high leather boots
  • A-line shifts or minis
  • Bold patterns
  • Mini (boxy) handbags
  • Prim collars with a hint of embellishment
  • High neck sweaters
  • Short boxy jackets
  • Capri trousers
  • PVC
  • Kitten heels
  • Black tie? Look for full-skirted gowns preferably with a low décolletage and close-fitting waist
  • Long false eyelashes, exaggerated make-up!
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