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Summer of Love

By johanna

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Dust off your lava lamp and get ready to add some flare to your wardrobe; the seventies are back, again, for Spring Summer 2015! But before you roll your eyes at fashions unrelenting need to look both backwards and forwards at the same time, these rebooted trends are often a great way to mix the familiar and the fresh, and hit the refresh button on your wardrobe.

1970s fashion was expressive and fun. People wore jumpsuits, turtlenecks, hot pants and embraced everything from the hippie look through to glamour wear; the 70s had it all, and it eventually became one of the most iconic decades for fashion ever.

We’ve selected some 70s fashion key themes, elements and styles that can easily slot into your existing wardrobe. In the meantime we’re off to listen to our cassette recorders, dig out our space hoppers, and add prawn cocktail, profiteroles and black forest gateau to our shopping list!

If you buy one new item this season make it either…

  • Flared/ wide leg trousers. With the 70s at the top of the fashion agenda it’s no surprise that flares are back with a bang. From full, wide-leg strides through to skinny bootcuts, there’s a style and wash for everyone. Keep voluminous detail under control with slim tunic tops.
  • It’s a wrap! The iconic ‘figure-hugging’ wrap dress is perfect for accentuating your waist and flattering bigger boobs (thank you Diane von Fürstenberg). Stay chic with pared-back accessories and pair with knee high boots to really nail the retro vibe.
  • A billowing boho dress, preferably in paisley print or clashing florals, will see you through the hotter months and it will also play a starring role in your summer holiday wardrobe.

Get the trend for less. If you just want to add some seventies flare to your wardrobe, consider the following…

  • Embrace fringing (on everything from bags to jackets) for boho-chic, and add details of lace, cool crochet and beads for vintage glamour.
  • Suede is a seventies staple, but to make it spring worthy look for butter soft finishes, muted and pastel shades, and super-fine weights. Mix with chiffon and sheer pieces for a super chic texture clash.
  • From saddle bags (with fringe, buckle and patchwork detail) and disco platforms, to kaleidoscope print scarves and floppy hats, accessories are an easy way to add that seventies touch.
  • Channel your inner Joan Holloway with pussy-bow blouses. To achieve a funky, seventies vibe opt for a patterned blouse and pair with denim and gold accessories.
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